Metal Analysis and Testing Instrument

The metal analysis and testing instrument is used to identify and sort various metals of different textures and hardness. It is used to test titanium, zirconium, seamless steel, non-ferrous, and ferrous metal pipes along with metal plates and railway rails.
The COBE-ETP03MDS metal analysis and testing instrument has a testing frequency range of 50Hz~10MHz which means that it is suitable for sorting different kinds of metals it has several unique alarm modes and rapid automatic electrical equilibrium. Because of the full digital design, standard testing procedures can be setup so that calling programs for different materials are highly convenient.

Detection channels: 1-8
Frequency range: 50 Hz~10 MHz
Detection speed: 1-3 second/piece.

The metal analysis and testing instrument has the following functions:
1. Adjustable alarm settings
2. Delayed hardware output alarm, real-time hardware output alarm
3. Sound and light alarm output
4. Hardware output sorting signal.
5. Large storage of various detection procedures and testing data
6. Playback and expanding function of eddy current signal such as amplitude, phase, and values of the defects detected.
7. It can automatically record and show the number and position of defects.
8. It can form a detection report including information such as test amount, acceptance number and disqualified units.
9. Optional operating language: Chinese and English Online help

Detecting parameters
The automatic metal analysis and testing instrument adopts a large scale integrated circuit, combining the most advanced eddy current technology, optoelectronic technology and microprocessor control.
It has a beautifully designed mechanical drive device to form a complete mechanical and electrical integration system. It has the following advantages: reliable functionality, strong expandability, and portability.

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