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Portable Magnetic Flux Leakage Tester

The COBE-MFLP03XX portable magnetic flux leakage tester is an inspection unit designed for the testing of steel structures such as billets, round steel components, rods, steel pipes, and welded components. It is also used for flaw detection, analysis, and evaluation of steel pipe, and metal parts in heavy industrial applications (nuclear plants, petrochemical plants, aerospace). The multifunctional unit can perform corrosion detection of boiler pipes, petrochemical pipelines, pressure vessel pipes and oil storage/handling equipment.

Detection channel: 4, 8, 16 (can be expanded to 64 channels);
Real-time memory: 16 trace signal;
Detection speed: 10--30M/min;
Detection thickness (45# steel): 10--30mm;
Maximum lift-off: 5mm;
Gain range: 0~99dB continuously adjustable, stepping: 0.1dB;
Adopting DSP digital filter: low-pass, high-pass (0Hz~2000Hz).

Functions and features
1. The COBE-MFLP03XX portable magnetic flux leakage tester is produced with the most advanced digitial inspection technology, multi-frequency eddy current technology, remote field eddy current technology, and microprocessor technology to detect any internal and external wall defects in metal pipe components.
2. The COBE-MFLP03XX portable magnetic flux leakage tester integrates the functions of magnetic flux leakage detection. Thus, the shortcoming of magnetic particle testing (it can only detect the surface and open type defects) is eliminated. This tester reduces anthropogenic influence, simplifies detection technology and reduces testing costs by integrating magnetization and detection as well as using a magnetic sensor to improve detection precision and reliability.
3. Standards: American Petroleum Institute Standard API-5, GB/T 12606-1999 magnetic flux leakage testing of steel pipe.
4. It is equipped with full digital true color LCD monitor which can change background color, waveform color, liquid crystal brightness according to the environment.
5. It is equipped with a high performance security battery module which is easy to disassemble so that the battery can be charged off-line independently; this tester is also equipped with a large capacity high performance lithium ion battery module so that the tester can operate remotely for up to 8 hours.

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