When it comes to products such as engines and heavy industrial equipment, precision, power, and safety are not just desired qualities, they are necessities. One way to ensure these qualities during the production is to carry out tests during and after the manufacturing process. COBE NDT Technology Co. specializes in the design and production of non-destructive testing equipment and systems for industrial manufacturers. Non-destructive testing equipment allows operators to perform inspections on semi-finished and finished products without compromising the workpiece. We have a complete range of products such as ultrasonic testing equipment, eddy current testers, and magnetic memory testers. COBE products are used in the manufacturing of some of the world’s leading engine producers, such as Toyota Motor Company.

Here at COBE, we provide our customers with custom NDT solutions in addition to our standard line of testing equipment. Our staff carries out the design manufacturing, implementation, and maintenance of various instruments suitable for utilization across a wide range of industrial production operations.